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b2.pngFrom broken leaves and unwanted weeds to unfurling buds and flowers after rain, nature is full of beautiful surprises.

Frames of Little Things is a personal journey of self-discovery through connecting with nature, as well as a celebration of the amazing flora in Malaysia. Presented as a series of Instagram posts with nature-inspired writings and stunning images, this book artistically showcases over 150 species of Malaysian flowers and plants.



Like many around the world, Author Koay Kuan Nee has been learning to cope with a life in lockdown since the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. 

Transitioning from being a banker to a stay-at-home mum does not make this any easier. As she connects with nature in a personal journey of restoration, something beautiful begins to unravel inside her, just like the unfurling buds and leaves.
Frames of Little Things includes a user-friendly visual directory of 130 types of flowers in Malaysia categorised into five colour groups for ease of reference.


It is a coffee table book bursting with colours and new perspectives and one that Kuan Nee hopes will bring joy and inspiration to you.  As it takes you on a leisurely stroll through the wonders of nature, it aspires to inspire you to discover your own “frames of little things”.


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