Announcement of Fundraising Result

Announcement of Fundraising Result

We are so pleased to announce that we exceeded our fundraising goal of RM5,000 (USD1,200) with a final total of RM13,000 (USD3,100).

We are so humbled and honoured that within the book launch week (Aug 28 - Sep 5, 2021) we managed to achieve this together!

Thank you to all of you, who supported our charity efforts by buying copies of our book and/or offering pure donation. I appreciate each and everyone of you for your support and generosity, despite the challenging times that we are in now.

Initially, we had mentioned that 50% of the sale proceeds during the book launch week would go to charity. However, the overwhelming encouragement we received during the book launch prompted us to donate 100% of the sale proceeds instead. We had done so with much thankfulness and gratitude in my heart.

Thank you for making our book launch a special and meaningful event. Together, we managed to channel our funds to support the good work that GG (@gengemilang) is doing for the vulnerable communities in Malaysia.

WEB Free Shipping 16 Sep .png
As a token of appreciation, we are also offering free shipping to anywhere within West Malaysia. The promotion is valid till Sep 16 (Malaysia Day). We hope that the book will bring the beauty and joy of nature into your home.

#framesoflittlethings #foltbook

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