First Book Anniversary (28 August 2022)

First Book Anniversary (28 August 2022) 


Exactly a year ago, I published my first coffee table book entitled “Frames of Little Thing: My Instagram Journey”. 

It is a personal journey of self discovery through connecting with nature, and a celebration of the amazing flora in Malaysia. I wanted to bring the beauty and joy of nature to my readers’ doorsteps, inspiring them to discover their own “frames of little things”. 

I am thankful for my readers who wrote to me and encouraged me. Some told me that they started to discover many beautiful flowers that they used to walk past without noticing; some told me that the book gave them a new perspective about finding something extraordinary in the ordinary things around us; some told me that the book brought joy to their family, especially the elderly. 

It’s been such a humbling journey and my heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness.

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