Second Book Anniversary (28 August 2023)

Second Book Anniversary (28 August 2023) 

1st Book Anniversary



Today is the second anniversary of the publication of my coffee table book. It is a day filled with bittersweet emotions. The memories of that painful year suddenly became vivid after dinner today. My heart ached at the thoughts and tears started rolling down my cheeks. However, soon the sense of joy overtook my emotions and that is why I am celebrating this special day. I have fulfilled my dream of authoring a book. I have been tremendously encouraged by my readers who told me that they started to notice the beautiful flowers in their surrounding because of my book. I have been so blessed by my family and friends who supported my book journey.

“From broken leaves and unwanted weeds to unfurling buds and flowers after rain, nature is full of beautiful surprises”. Reading the blurb of my book again inspired me to take my photos a step further and use them to design a few posters to celebrate the second anniversary of the book.  They include my first ever frangipani blooms at home, the waterlily shot that sparked my interest in floral photography, a broken leave with heart warming hues and last but not least, baby leaves with beautiful bokehs in the background. Which one of them is your favourite?

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